13 October 2016

New Trailer for That Gorgeous Hand-Painted 'Loving Vincent' Film

New Trailer for That Gorgeous Hand-Painted 'Loving Vincent' Film

"He was mad." "He was an interesting man." "He was a genius." Another brief new trailer was discovered online for the hand-painted film Loving Vincent, set to arrive sometime next year (hopefully). You've probably heard about this film - it's a biopic about famed Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh, but is being told through hand-painted animation done in the same style of his paintings (behind-the-scenes here). The voice cast includes Aidan Turner, Saoirse Ronan, Eleanor Tomlinson, Helen McCrory, Chris O'Dowd and Douglas Booth. One of the best parts is that the score is being composed by the one-and-only Clint Mansell, who has been posting some photos on his Instagram of his work recording this score. Take a look.
Here's the new trailer (+ poster) for Dorota Kobiela & Hugh Welchman's Loving Vincent, on YouTube:

New Trailer for That Gorgeous Hand-Painted 'Loving Vincent' Film

And here's the original trailer for Kobiela & Welchman's Loving Vincent, released months ago on YouTube:

Loving Vincent is a hand-painted animation feature film, looking into the mystery of Vincent Van Gogh's death, told through the medium of his paintings. "Well, the truth is, we cannot speak other than by our paintings," wrote Vincent Van Gogh in his last letter. Loving Vincent is hand-painted biopic film co-directed by painter Dorota Kobiela & filmmaker Hugh Welchman, from a screenplay also written by Kobiela & Welchman. The film features art hand-painted by artists in the style of Vincent Van Gogh to tell his story. The score is being composed by Clint Mansell. For more info on the film, head to their official website here. Stay tuned for additional updates. Loving Vincent doesn't have any release dates yet, but is expected to arrive sometime in 2017. The film is still seeking US distribution. Still looking forward to this?

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