15 November 2016

Blunt Talk ( season 2 ) 7 episodes

Blunt Talk ( season 2 ) 7 episodes
Watch hilarious comedy series “Blunt Talk” (Season Two)The protagonist of the film - The Englishman Walter Blunt decided to do a noble cause, helping people through his television show to solve family problems. No doubt this man has seen much was married three times and has a lot of experience, but is it enough for the whole show, and how his advice can help. He says that he knows how to be the perfect marriage. But how could something advise a person who has more than enough problems, none of his marriage was a success, the former wife still get it about the money, the TV channel has an issue with management.

Original Title: Blunt Talk Starz
Country: USA
Genres: Comedy
Release Date: October 2, 2016
Cast: Patrick Stewart, Karan Soni, Adrian Scarborough, Mary Holland, Romany Malco,Fred Melamed, Moby, Jason Schwartzman, Golden Brooks, Erik Griffin, Brett Gelman, Brent Spiner, Timm Sharp, Jacki Weaver, Dolly Wells
Creator(s): Jonathan Ames

Runtime: 30 min
Language: English

Episode 1 ( 249.24 MB )
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Episode 2 ( 348.3 MB )
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Episode 3 ( 267.71 MB )
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Episode 4 ( 339.6 MB )
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Episode 5 ( 311.95 MB )
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Episode 7 ( 294.67 MB )
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