22 October 2016

Loosely Exactly Nicole ( season 1 ) 8 episodes

Loosely Exactly Nicole ( season 1 ) 8 episodes
The new comical show Loosely Exactly Nicole season 1 starts on the 5th of September at the beginning of the new television season. In the plot of the TV series is the eye-catching, positive and purposeful Nicole. She lives her Hollywood dream, which unfortunately is too difficult to achieve. The main character is trying to implement her skills everywhere. She’s trying to become a tv host, actress or model. She is ready to do anything to achieve her dreams. But her two girlfriends Veronica and Devin return her to the real world. Then follows a series of failures and disappointments, late payments and bad auditions.

Original Title: Loosely Exactly Nicole MTV
Country: USA
Release Date: September 5, 2016
Genres: Comedy
Cast: Nicole Byer, Jacob Wysocki, Jen D’Angelo,Allyn Rachel, Kevin Bigley, Mary Birdsong, Leah Briese

Runtime: 30 min
Language: English

Episode 1 ( 224.23 MB )
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Episode 2 ( 218.76 MB )
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Episode 3 ( 265.95 MB )
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Episode 4 ( 217.42 MB )
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Episode 5 ( 240.62 MB )
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Episode 6 ( 220.47 MB )
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Episode 8 ( 239.38 MB )
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