05 July 2016

Superb Short Film 'Tempus' About a Device That Slows Down Time

Superb Short Film 'Tempus' About a Device That Slows Down Time

"What if I told you I did conquer it? Time, that is. Would that be something you were interested in?" Now this is cool. Tempus is a new short film co-directed by Jes Bickhart and John Bashyam that is being pitched as a proof of concept for a feature. The concept involves a device that allows those connected to slow down time for 60 seconds. It's not a completely original sci-fi concept, but the short film is very impressive. There's a cinematic feel to it that really makes a difference, the VFX work is excellent, and the whole film has this nice coming-of-age vibe to it (a bit like Chronicle) that makes me want to see more. Check this out.

Description from Vimeo: A proof of concept short film, TEMPUS tracks Sam and John, a millennial Bonnie and Clyde and engineering protégées, who build a device that can slow down time. For their first major test, being under 21, they attempt to lift booze from the local drug store before the big party. Tempus is directed by Jes Bickhart and John Bashyam, from a script written by Jes Bickhart (website); featuring cinematography by Trevor Wineman and VFX by John Bashyam & Cameron Ake. Starring Samantha Raye Droke and Kevin Schmidt. For more info on the project, visit their Vimeo. To see more shorts, click here.

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