24 April 2017

Watch: Amusing Chicken or Egg Claymation Short Film 'Time Chicken'

Watch: Amusing Chicken or Egg Claymation Short Film 'Time Chicken'

"In the beginning there was faith that the egg was the start of all life. Then came reason that the egg must have come from a great chicken." So what came first: the chicken or the egg? The eternal, unanswerable question finally gets addressed in this amusing, wacky short film titled Time Chicken. This claymation short was written, directed and animated by Nick Black, who made it over two years using Canon DSLRs and handmade sets from various objects he found. It's a totally wacky but incredibly enjoyable short film, that does have touches of "Robot Chicken", but still feels like something original. You just need to watch and enjoy because while it might seem odd, it's so much fun and will make you laugh. Plus it's under 6 minutes.

Thank you to Ben Aston for the tip on this short. Original description from Vimeo: "In a bid to heal the rift in society, a humble chicken sets out to find an answer to the ultimate question - which came first, the chicken or the egg?" Time Chicken is written, directed and animated by filmmaker Nick Black, produced by Ben Aston. Featuring the voice of Coleman James; with original music by Nathan Stornetta & Martin Batchelar. For more animation work from Nick Black, visit his Vimeo page. Short of the Week explains that this was "created over a two-year-period with a Canon DSLR and handmade sets made from found objects." Nice work. This premiered at film festivals first before arriving online. For more shorts, click here. You dig?

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