18 February 2017

Must Watch: Meet a Real Life Batman in 'Being Batman' Short Film

Must Watch: Meet a Real Life Batman in 'Being Batman' Short Film

"It is not an acting class, it is not a character switch, it really is who I am." Batman fans have to check out this wild short film called Being Batman, about a "real life" Batman vigilante who defends the streets of Brampton, Ontario, Canada. This is almost too crazy to be true, but it really is a short doc about a guy who dresses up as Batman, and pretty much believes he really is Batman - no, seriously. I love the way this short is put together, with voice-over driving the narrative, making it much more thrilling to watch. This would play as a nice double feature with the Batkid documentary. Really, you need to watch this to see for yourself.

Thanks to Film School Rejects for the tip. Short description from Vimeo: "A look behind the mask of the real life Batman." Being Batman is directed by Ryan Freeman (official website), who also did the music for the short film. Produced by Lossless Creative, with Nick Freeman working as drone & camera assistant. This first premiered on Short of the Week. I almost can't believe that this is a true story, but I guess it was bound to happen somewhere. The short profiles the vigilante work of Stephen Lawrence, who goes by the nickname "Brampton Batman". For more info, visit Lossless Creative. For more shorts, click here. What do you think?

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