02 December 2016

Watch This: Fantastic Nature Short Doc 'Secrets Of The Snowy Owl'

Watch This: Fantastic Nature Short Doc 'Secrets Of The Snowy Owl'

"You might say Baltimore is the best known Snowy yet." Time for something a bit different, but lots of fun. Secrets Of The Snowy Owl is a short documentary made by NPR's Skunk Bear team, featuring "owl sleuth" Adam Cole revealing the secrets of the Snowy Owl. The Snowy Owl is a certain species of owl that is well known, but not too much is known about them. The filmmaking in this doc is creative and engaging, with amusing animation and great footage of Cole's adventure to find a particular owl named Baltimore. It reminds me of another short we posted this year - The Shining Star of Losers Everywhere. Watch below.

Thanks to Denise for the tip on this. Here's the brief synopsis for Secrets Of The Snowy Owl from YouTube: "We followed a young owl named Baltimore's PRECISE route from a beach in Maryland to an island in Canada." The short film is produced by Ryan Kellman and Adam Cole, featuring Adam Cole as the "Owl Sleuth". The short features the songs "Awake" by Freedom Fry, and "Going Home" performed by Eva Walsh. I love the little Field Trip Theme as well. This was made by the Skunk Bear filmmaking team at NPR - they make fun films about the environment/nature. Find more of their work here. To see more shorts, click here.

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