16 November 2016

Watch: Simple Sci-Fi Short Film 'On Sunday' from Director David Lea

Watch: Simple Sci-Fi Short Film 'On Sunday' from Director David Lea

Nothing ever happens on Sunday… Hopefully everyone went to see Arrival this weekend. If you're still in the mood for some beautiful first contact sci-fi, this short is for you. It's a very lovely companion to Arrival, but that's all I'll say. On Sunday is a short directed by David Lea, who made this on his own time without any money. Via email, he explains his inspiration: "Way back in 1984 [my dad] hand built a cabin bed for my bedroom and underneath this, made from wood, flashing lights and copper piping, he'd constructed a spaceship cockpit… 31 years later I thought it was past time to repay the favour." Check out the film below.

Synopsis from Vimeo: "A man and his dog make their routine walk to the isolated clifftops of Cornwall…but this time they realise they're not so isolated after all." On Sunday is directed by filmmaker David Lea, who has a 15 year background in animation and VFX compositing for film and TV. Lea did almost all the work himself, including the VFX, as well as casting his own father Brian Lea as the man in the film. With music by Jon Opstad, and sound by Daniel Leavy. It took David nearly five years to complete this, mostly because he made it entirely in his own time. For more info, visit the short's official website. For more shorts, click here.

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