04 November 2016

Watch: Tricky Sci-Fi Short Film 'Augmented' Directed by Ross Peacock

Watch: Tricky Sci-Fi Short Film 'Augmented' Directed by Ross Peacock

"Is that how you usually pick up women? By offering them a free makeover?" I really enjoyed this unique sci-fi short film. Augmented is a new short directed by Ross Peacock, produced by Ben Mortimer, telling a story set in the near future about augmented reality technology. This is one of those shorts that is best to watch without knowing much about it going in. The way it plays out and the tricks it plays are part of the experience. You may see what's coming at some point during this, but it is still an impressive short. It's simple, but works well, and it definitely got my attention due to the simplicity. Good performances from the cast. Better than most shorts that I come across, to be honest. It's worth a quick watch - check it out below.

Thanks to Ben for the tip. Description from Vimeo: "A short film set in the near future, where augmented reality has become so ubiquitous that the line between the real and virtual worlds have become blurred. When a new, dangerous technology is created that can manipulate the perception of this brave new world, who will exploit it? Who will monetise it? Who will become twisted by it?" Augmented is directed by Ross Peacock, written by Ben Shillito, and produced by Ben Mortimer of Black Arrow Pictures. Starring Sabine Crossen, Brett Fancy and Camilla Roholm. This short explores the theme of how technology changes the way we interact with our world. For more info, visit Vimeo. To see more shorts, click here. Thoughts?

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