25 October 2016

Watch: New Fun Size Horror Short Film 'Loop' Directed by Mali Elfman

Watch: New Fun Size Horror Short Film 'Loop' Directed by Mali Elfman

Many filmmakers have hidden metaphors about the challenges and struggles as a filmmaker in their work. Loop is a clever little horror short film made by Mali Elfman, daughter of composer Danny Elfman, who has been making movies for the past few years - primarily for the site Fun Size Horror. Her latest film is a metaphorical tale about her own experiences trying to become a filmmaker. It will all make sense when you watch it. Nothing groundbreaking, but it is a intriguing short that does say more when you understand the metaphorical angst being expressed. This also features some great music composed by Matt Glass. Enjoy.

Description from YouTube: "a metaphorical [story that the director] describes as what it feels like trying to become a filmmaker." Loop is written & directed by producer-filmmaker-actress Mali Elfman (find her on Twitter @malielfman), who first started out writing about movies on a blog and is now making them. Her previous horror short, Voice, is one of the many short films included on the Fun Size Horror: Volume One anthology release. The short film was produced in association with HCT.Media and stars Diva Zappa. Submit your own horror short at FunSizeHorror.com or find more info there. To see more shorts, click here.

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