24 October 2016

Watch: Jake Scott's Ford Short Film 'Le Fantôme' with Mads Mikkelsen

Watch: Jake Scott's Ford Short Film 'Le Fantôme' with Mads Mikkelsen

"Starting over is a fantasy most of us can only dream of." This is technically a commercial for a car, but it's also an intriguing short film made by a good filmmaker. Le Fantôme is the latest short made by director Jake Scott, who some may remember as director of Welcome to the Rileys with Kristen Stewart (premiered at Sundance in 2010). The short stars Mads Mikkelsen as an assassin, who is assigned to take out a married couple, but things get complicated. As much as I usually dislike such blatant car marketing like this, it's fun to see Mikkelsen doing this and the short has a mysterious edge to it - almost like a James Bond film.

Note: we were not contacted by Ford at all, this is being posted without any incentive. Thanks to SlashFilm for the tip. Description from YouTube: "An enigmatic stranger, a couple who no longer exist, danger in the shadows and the key to it all… The new Ford Edge." Le Fantôme (which translates to The Ghost) is directed by filmmaker Jake Scott, who has made many commercials (see here) and short films previously, and also directed the 2010 indie film Welcome to the Rileys with Kristen Stewart. The short stars Mads Mikkelsen, Barbara Steele, Jon Campling, James Brown, Karin Perathoner & Zarco Radic. For more shorts, click here.

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