15 October 2016

Watch: Comedy Short Film 'Curmudgeons' Directed by Danny DeVito

Watch: Comedy Short Film 'Curmudgeons' Directed by Danny DeVito

"Life happens. And it sweeps you up, and then you die. That's it. Stupid really…" Need a good laugh? Watch this short. Curmudgeons is a comedic short film directed by Danny DeVito, starring Danny DeVito and his longtime friend David Margulies as two old "curmudgeons" who meet up again at an assisted living home. The cast includes Danny DeVito's daughter Lucy DeVito, as well as Sarah Nina Hayon and Kett Turton. It's a wonderful mix of hilariously crude humor and life lessons being imparted to youngsters, with a sweet side to it that comes out in just the right way. I'm really impressed by this - it's the kind of film you should watch if you're feeling sad and need a reminder of what happiness is. Take a few minutes and watch.

Description from Vimeo: "A pair of senior citizens have a relationship that shocks both their families in this potty-mouthed, but endearing, comedy." Curmudgeons is directed by actor Danny DeVito, who co-stars and produces, from a script written by Joshua Conkel, who co-produced the film as well. The short is also produced by Jake DeVito, Lucy DeVito, and Danny DeVito, with cinematography by Łukasz Bielan, and music composed by Jon Brion. DeVito first came across the story of Curmudgeons while at the Ensemble Studio Theatre in New York, where he saw this play and immediately wanted to turn it into a short film. The film is the first official Staff Pick Premiere on Vimeo - more info here. For more shorts, click here. Enjoy it?

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