10 October 2016

Funny Short Film 'Otherhalf' About a Man Breaking Up with Himself

Funny Short Film 'Otherhalf' About a Man Breaking Up with Himself

"I don't know, I guess we've been drifting apart for a while… I'm more of a homebody, and my other half's more outdoorsy…" Framestore Pictures has released an amusing short film called Otherhalf, from writer & director Ben West, who usually does commercials work for Framestore. Starring Eric Normington and Jayme Lynn Evans, the short is about a man who breaks up with the "other half" of his body, but through his experience finds out more about what makes him whole. Aside from being funny, this is actually kind of a charming short with an honest side. And it's completely original - I've never seen anything like this. Enjoy.

Original description from Vimeo: "A comedy about a man breaking up with himself." Otherhalf is written and directed by UK filmmaker Ben West, a commercials director working on making narrative films. You can find more of his work here. This was produced and made by Framestore, the VFX company, as part of their Framestore Pictures creative content division. Produced by Wendy Green, with cinematography by Sean Meehan. Otherhalf stars Eric Normington, Jayme Lynn Evans and Josh Bednarsky. Filmed on location in Los Angeles. Follow Framestore Pictures on Instagram. For more shorts, click here. Did you like?

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