04 October 2016

Amusing Horror Comedy Short Film 'Bundle of Nerves' About 2 Cops

Amusing Horror Comedy Short Film 'Bundle of Nerves' About 2 Cops

"You know what I would love? Something normal." It's October once again, that spooky time of the year when movie lovers go crazy watching horror films waiting for Halloween to arrive. To get you in the mood, check out this horror comedy short film titled Bundle of Nerves about two friendly local cops from the Willowbrook police department battling a slime-sucking monster. This is an amusing, enjoyable little short that doesn't waste any time getting into things. Don't expect this to be the greatest thing you've ever seen, but it is fun and it looks like it was made for barely anything. We'll be posting more horror shorts all month.

Thanks to Blumhouse for the tip on this film. Original description from Vimeo: For the fine officers of the Willowbrook police department, fighting a slime-sucking monster from the great beyond is just another day on the job. It's the relationship stuff at home that's really scary. Bundle of Nerves is directed by Ryan Spindell, from a screenplay written by Ryan Spindell & Jacob Motz, produced by T. Justin Ross. The short film stars Sergio Cilli and Casey Feigh as the two police officers. For more info and to see even more horror films made by Ryan Spindell, check out his Vimeo page. For more shorts, click here. Your thoughts?

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