17 April 2016

The Vampire Diaries "One Way or Another" Review: Thrills, Spills, and Pills (PHOTO RECAP)

The Vampire Diaries "One Way or Another" Review: Thrills, Spills, and Pills (PHOTO RECAP)

The hardest part of being a witch—aside from having to learn Latin or whatever—is the fact that you get killed SO OFTEN. You get killed by everyone all the time. But also you can die from doing magic too hard. You can die from not doing magic hard enough. And sometimes your boyfriend will just straight up give you pills made of poison. Yes, you may have the power to scramble a vampire brain or light several dozen candles at once, but in my opinion being a witch is not worth it. That's why Bonnie's decision to just sort of step back from magic and hang out in a mental hospital eating candy seemed like a very good and relatable decision. Unfortunately, this is The Vampire Diaries, and nothing gold can stay. By that I mean nothing witchy can stay alive. Back to the bone yard for you, Bonnie! (Which could be a sexual innuendo but in this case I mean she is dying again).
Yes, Bonnie is dying again, because why not? This show is so far past recycling plots that it's now recycling recycled plots. Get outta that recycling bin, show! And wash your hands, you smell weird. But on the other hand, because Bonnie is probably the most sympathetic person on the show at the moment, it makes sense that the writers need to constantly put her in peril in order to make our pulses pound. It worked! I am worried about Bonnie. Other than that, "One Way or Another" wasn't super tense for me. I think we can all agree that Stefan is not going to be killed off, so it's always a bit of a snooze when one of the brothers is "in danger." That being said, it was fun to see how this body-swapping thing would play out. So I liked this episode overall. Let's talk about it!

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